A special one-song performance during Film Music Expo 2014!

Eva-Maria will be performing Nightcall from the movie Drive during a symphonic film music concert as part of Film Music Expo 2014 in Kulturhuset, Hässleholm.

”That song really grabbed me the first time I heard it…and when I heard a scaled down version of it, by London Grammar, I felt it was the right direction to go with it for this, super fun gig. ”

Tickets: Nortic

Junker composes new theme song for SVT

The brand new family programme, Min Familj/My Family, premieres on SVT later this Fall and features another original song composed by Eva-Maria.

More info soon!

The theme song for Barn på Sjukhus has premiered!

Eva-Maria’s theme song for the family program Barn på Sjukhus (Childrens’ Hospital), premiered last week on Swedish Television. For now, streaming is only available in Sweden on SVT Play, and can be seen here.

Junker scaling down at Helsingborgsfestivalen

Eva-Maria will play at Helsingborgsfestivalen with a downsized band.

”I’ve been wanting to try a different sound and feel for quite a while now.  Something more intimate and raw.  This is a perfect setting to air some of those ideas that have been spinning around in my head…”, Junker says.

Eva-Maria will be performing with only 1-2 musicians for about an hour at Perrongscenen. More info on date and time coming soon.

A lot of SvT!

Eva-Maria’s song ”Skipping” has been chosen as the official theme song for the show Barn på Sjukhus (Childrens’ Hospital) airing on Swedish Television SvT come this Fall. Eva-Maria also landed a small part in the kids’ show ”Barda”, also airing after the summer break. So keep your eyes and ears open!

A busy Spring and requests from SvT (Swedish Television)!

Hi there.  I’m glad to let you know I’m busy-busy these days with a couple of different fun projects. One is recording a theme song for a show called Barn På Sjukhus (”Children’s Hospital”) for SvT. The same network also wanted to try some test shooting of me for another show, called ”Barda”.  It’s for a smaller part. Time for me to dust off those theater lessons, ey?

I also just returned from the roads of touring in Germany/Holland with sweet friend Wendy McNeill.  She played/sang while I played tour manager/merch-girl/driver.  We had loads of fun and this trip was truly inspiring to me as Wendy has been doing this music thing for many years now.  I think she’s now officially one of my dearest muses…

Other than that, I’m planning on recording new material in the near future, so stay tuned and stay curious…

Thank you.


Interview with N.Y. blog Now Tune In

Eva-Maria was interviewed this weekend by Now Tune In, a music blog from New York. Read the entire interview here!

Nominated for Unsigned artist of the month

Eva-Maria’s been nominated by the radio podcast show, Will’s Room, in Bangor, UK, where she was also featured last night, Jan. 8th, during their live show.  To cast your vote, please follow this link. Voting will be ongoing until January 31st. It’s free, it’s easy so go ahead and show your support now!

Junker signs deal with WSM

Eva-Maria Junker has signed an agreement with Write Stuff Music (WSM), an American based company supplying the best indie music for film, television, advertisements and video games.

”I’m hoping this will help my music find a broader audience.”, Junker says.

”Where Spiders Sleep” goes digital!

Now you can get ”Where Spiders Sleep” at various great providers like iTunes and Amazon. Want to have a listen first? Well, you’re in luck. You can find the entire album on Spotify as well.

Junker plays at Siesta festival!

Eva-Maria will be playing at one of the coolest and hottest festivals in the southern part of Sweden: Siesta!

Specific date and time will be announced soon.

Another song up from the album!

Eva-Maria has released yet another song from ”Where Spiders Sleep” for free streaming.

You can listen to Birthday Song by clicking this link.

First review of ”Where Spiders Sleep”

Eva-Maria’s debut album ”Where Spiders Sleep” received a nice review in yesterday’s paper!

”Eva-Maria Junker’s got a lovely voice….and a ‘good bite’ in her edgier version of singer/songwriter pop…A little more roughness added to the sound, and this would be really, really good…’Chameleon’ is the highlight, as well as ‘SWR-HWH’ and ‘Birthday Song’…”         (From the review ”Junker can fly higher” by Ralph Bretzer, NSK, March 28)

Opening for Eilen Jewell (US)!

On May 24th, Eva-Maria will be the opening act for indie-mogul Eilen Jewell.  The concert will take place at Konserthuset in Kristianstad, Sweden.

For tickets and more info, click here.

A shop is up – buy your album here!

Now you can get your own copy of ”Where Spiders Sleep”! Pay securely online and place your order by following this link. Hope you’ll enjoy it!