Eva-Maria Junker is a versatile singer and songwriter, who dives into various genres of music.

Her musical influences have a wide span from strong, female icons like PJ Harvey, Björk and Tori Amos to that of the edgier end of the scale like System of a Down and Nine Inch Nails.

Junker grew up surrounded by music, from her grandfather, a professional musician, playing the accordion during family gatherings to the tunes of Kate Bush, ABBA and Bruce Springsteen sounding from her parents' stereo.

The fact that musicians and artists are flooding her bloodline, has always made this artform a natural choice of expression to her, even though she chose to keep her musical companions private until just a few years ago.

Raised in the rough suburbs of Copenhagen and later on moving to the seemingly secure countryside in the southern part of Sweden, diversity was instilled in Junker at an early age during her formative years. The stories she tells through her music and lyrics are inspired by everything from personal experiences covering profound loss, the nature of relationships and a religious upbringing, to the anonymity of a busy train station during rush hour.

Eva-Maria Junker's voice portrays melancholy, darkness and vulnerability but also strength and a ray of hope in a mix of signature vocal harmonies with various instrumental soundscapes intertwining, creating their own unique kind of equilibrium. 

Together with a full band or in smaller, more intimate settings, she hopes for people to listen and find their own meaning and translation of her songs.